B2C Online Travel Portal

Our B2C Online Travel Portal Development Solution is a comprehensive and powerful online based booking system. It is also known as B2C Air Travel Ticket Booking Web App Software Development for Business. Its architecture is designed for the B2C travel industry and perfectly compatible with GDS, Air ticket aggregators, Hotel Aggregators and other third-party APIs. This is the most effective travel portal solution which provides integrated travel solution. So if you are in the travel business and want to grow rapidly then choosing our B2C Air Travel Ticket Booking Web App Software Development for business will be a worthy decision.

Key Features of B2C Online Travel Portal

LCC/ Non-GDS Flight Booking

Our online travel booking web app software for business is capable to integrate with low-cost career or Non-GDS airlines inventories. The airlines like US Bangla Airline, Regent Airline, and Novo Airline inventories are compatible with this core software architecture. We keep a conscious focus on domestic market and low-cost career potentiality.

International/ Online/ GDS Flight Booking

To entertain with the entire online career on this platform we connect local GDS APIs in the B2C platform that will help the B2C Online Travel Portal owner perform the local market dynamics and avail the GDS benefits. The platform is designed such a way that the IATA agents can use their own inventory of GDS and non-IATA agents also can use their preferred IATA agent Inventories.

SOTO/ Offline Flight Booking

We ensure that the B2C Online Travel Portal is capable to sale the tickets worldwide, keeping this in mind we integrate Flight Aggregators. So that using our platform our Platform owner can sale worldwide LCC and regular career to their downline agent. So what the platform owner need is- to connect with those Flight aggregators from their business end for active those API we have already connected.

Worldwide Hotel Booking

We have connected Hotel Aggregator APIs for the B2C Online Travel Portal so that the platform owner can sale worldwide hotel to their downline agents for the best business performs.

Online Holiday Package Booking

In the B2C Online Travel Portal, there has the facility to upload your competitive package deals, which will make you unique in the industry and help to remain your company competitive.

Sophisticated Commission, Mark-ups, discount and pricing

Keeping in mind all the context of inventory like GDS, Flight Aggregator, Hotel aggregator and other third-party products the B2C Online Travel Portal system is designed. In some products, the business owner may get commission again in some products the business owner may need to add markups because there is no commission. Sometimes it needs to give the discount to the customer, Pricing can be controlled by the airline, routes, Cabin class, and many more parameters – considering all those scenarios we have developed the markup management features which is very sophisticated and enough weapon to make the market vibrant.

Easy & Quick Registration

From the B2C Air Travel Ticket Booking Web App Software customers can register by them self very easily. A registered customer can easily book and manage their booking and can perform other self-service as well.

Customer Management

In back office part the B2C Online Travel Portal manager can manage and control the customers in every expects like making agent active and inactive, user password reset, user block and many more beautiful features that actually make the customer management too much easier than ever you experienced.

Booking Management

However, whoever book the flight and hotel still, the B2C Online Travel Portal manager can control, cancel the booking form the manager ended. The beautiful features like email copy sending, printing, exporting PDF all are available for proper booking management.

Own Payment Gateway Integration

The B2C Online Travel Portal engine designed such a way that the business owner can add payment aggregator or direct bank API as his/her preference to make the financial transactions secure.

Business Intelligent Report

All kind of business report that will help to make the business perfect run are available. Those reports are helped to make the proper decision for the business and very helpful for business constancy, sustainability.

Third Party API Compatibility

The B2C Air Travel Ticket Booking Web App Software platform architecture is designed such a way that any third party API of flight and hotel can be adopted and for the other products, the architecture is designed the same way.

Platform Scalability

The B2C Air Travel Ticket Booking Web App Software is scalable and flexible in terms of new feature development, new API integration and traffic increasing. There will no negative impact like slow down, bandwidth run out for the mentioned enhancement which is actually ensuring the sustainability of the business.

Mobile Friendly UI

All the cutting-edge technology is used for development of the B2C Air Travel Ticket Booking Web App Software. The platform is compatible with all the modern devices like mobile, tablet and browsers. So the users will get the modern application feel that actually make the users more oriented psychologically.

Instant Agent Support Using Web Chat

Instant support is the way to make the customer happier that we believe. Keeping this point in mind we integrated features in B2C Air Travel Ticket Booking Web App Software Development for Business, like web chat that is a way to serve instantly. It also saves times and resources and enhances the productivity of support agents.

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